Who we are

Global On Media is one of the world’s leading digital media companies in the online trading space. We operate a portfolio of websites and apps that provide our global audience with broker reviews, market news, trading tools, educational materials, and videos. Our analysts cover the markets, including stock markets, CFDs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. We partner with leading brokers to provide them with custom-tailored advertising solutions that help them increase their exposure and drive high-value traders to their platforms.

Our Team

Anat Ben Dror CEO Global On Media


Anat Ben Dror

General Manager

Tammy Levy

David Franzini COO Global On Media


David Franzini

Adam Lemon Chief Content Editor Global On Media

Chief of Content

Adam Lemon

Head of Partnerships

Shelly Cohn

VP Media

Yaron Marcus

Marketing Operations Manager

Moran Mei-Dan

Office Manager

Liora Alon

SEO Manager

Gali Rosental

SEO Manager

Chen Solomon

Content & SEO Arabic

Angham AbdElhadi

Spanish Desk Manager

Sara Buganim

Product Manager

Debbie Edelstein

Product Manager

Yara Nab

IT Manager & System Administrator

Firas An


Miki Alon

English Desk Manager

Tova Bukingolts

Content Manager

deisy Burbano

Italian Desk Manager

Sara Maguolo

Editorial Policy and Standards

We are committed to the quality and accuracy of what we publish and of our editorial process. Our team of authors, editors, reviewers, and fact-checkers review our content periodically and prior to publication to ensure it is accurate, timely, and valuable to our readers.

Every article we publish is attributed to a defined individual or team as the author, and we publish bios and profiles of our authors to ensure authority and accountability. Its date shows when it was last updated so the reader can determine how timely the information is. We also aspire to include named editors and reviewers for every item of content which we publish.

We are committed to listening to our readers and to promptly correcting any errors of fact which are brought to our notice. We are happy to use our team of expert writers, editors, and reviewers to investigate and verify whenever the veracity of our content is called into question.
If there is anything on our websites which you would like to bring to our attention, please contact us at our email